Real Solutions For ADHD And Staying Focused In A Hyper World

Inspired By  John Gray
1 hr 16 mins

Quick Summary

What if every child with ADHD is actually gifted? As a society, we’ve been struggling to support our kids who have ADHD. And, as it turns out, many of these children are not just hyper-active, but also hyper-intelligent.

Some key discussions in the interview

  • How an experience with Parkinson’s disease led Dr. Gray to discover he had ADHD most of his life.
  • What symptoms Dr. Gray experienced from childhood to adulthood with ADHD.
  • How women and men can express ADHD differently.
  • Why common activities today can desensitize you to normal stimulation.
  • How there can be different forms of ADHD.
  • How dopamine is related to focus and reward.
  • What the 4 temperaments of ADHD are.
  • How our current school system can drive kids to feel less-smart, less-capable, and less-valued.
  • Why the typical school setting is not natural for children.
  • How to support the 4 temperaments of ADHD to help kids thrive.
  • Why parents can have a hard time relating to one child, but not to another.
  • What oxidative stress is and how it’s connected to ADHD.
  • Which popular over-the-counter medication suppresses your body’s antioxidant systems.
  • Why a fever can actually be helpful, and how to use hot water therapy for fast results.
  • Which key nutrients perform better than Adderall for ADHD in clinical studies.
  • How exercise plays a crucial role in eliminating ADHD symptoms.
  • Why gut health is the precursor to brain health.
  • Which foods tend to be the biggest culprits in aggravating ADHD.

Interview by Shawn Stevenson

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