How To Grow Great Kids

Inspired By  Robin Sharma
8 mins

Quick Summary

Developing the skill of raising children who are authentic, loving, creative, ethical and excellent not only makes your future exponentially happier, you'll also make the world vastly better [as it's the next generation that will run the planet].

Here are some great tips to support your gorgeous children to bloom in life. 

Kids are like flowers - you get the right soil, you get the right sun light and you radiate possibility into them and they just bloom

It’s about building a better world while they build gorgeous lives for themselves. 

Build a heroic home culture

Home is a sanctuary from a complex world. Create a natural, peaceful home for your loved ones so it fosters great conversations and a place for your family to be happy in. 

Have lots of books to create a heroic culture, that is to inspire reading for the kids. Books are conversations. Do you want to have a conversation with Elon Musk, Mother Teresa… tonight? Read their book!

The ritual of a family meal

Science is showing that kids who excel in academics and sports, have great manners and are healthier (better immune systems) have a family meal. 

John F. Kennedy would bring in interesting thought leaders (business, science, humanities or even celebrities) into the family meal. He would encourage his kids to ask questions.

Your children will grow up to have great conversations and be interested in other people. Kids these days are losing the ability to have conversations because they are so glued to their device. 

Get your evening traditions right

When your kids are going to sleep it’s a great opportunity to plant seeds into their conscious of who they are going to become in terms of their self identity. Plant these seeds into the soil of their subconscious mind in terms of their self belief because who you are in the world is just a reflection of how you see yourself. 

If you can rewire a child's self belief then their external behaviour will always reflect that of their internal story then they will believe in themselves. 

Every night Robin would share 4 things with them to plant seeds into their soil of their conscious and subconscious mind;

  1. Whatever you do, do it well. 
  2. Whatever you want to be, be it.
  3. Never give up.
  4. Never forget how much mum and dad love you. 

Go and rock it the way you inspire the younger generation to be world class, be leaders and to do their part to build a better world. 

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